poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2015

One Inch

When everything ends the Highline starts.

     At least at this short moment you come back. Fear appears and squeeze the heart forcing it to pump the blood. You do the steps, feel the webbing under your feet, the wind passing by. The balance fills you in wavy way moving you from the left to the right. And there is no more to feel. Except of the pain.

     It comes when you fall, but as long as you feel the fear of it, it pushes you to walk more and makes you stronger. Pain is good in very simple way. You are afraid of it, you don't want it. You are scared of walk but your body doesn't want more pain so you do the steps, it makes you walk.

    You escape from the pain - you want to walk. Finally you want something. For this little short bit of the moment you Want something. You have a goal, something to focus on.

     On this huge Empty Ocean appear your private island, one inch wide but long enough to be happy at least those few moments, those steps.

sobota, 11 kwietnia 2015

Fight Fire With Fire

There are strong winds, currents and heavy rains. Tossing, pushing and hitting with no way to stop them. That's good, great actually. It makes you angry, and anger is a force and source of energy which can pump you up, move further.

There are cases where the movements are impossible any more. Doesn't matter how many volts you put through this muscle, it will not response.

If the leg, or arm is broken so badly that it's impossible to recover the bones the only option is to cut them off to save the rest of the body.

And what happens if it happens to your mind? When it falls to pieces, beat and broken. When put together it creates weird structures which just can't work and fall apart again and again. There is no way of head amputation or brain replace.

What to do then?

There is One Inch of solution.

When you are hungry and something hits your toe, you forget about empty stomach. If you are sleepy and get scary your eyes will open wide.

Each fear which you have can be cure by something stronger.

And the point is that you can choose what it will be.

There is a way to make your head empty, purge it from all this broken minds and full it with something harder than a rock. There is huge deal with primary fear. Thousands of years of the evolution gave us primary fears to make us available to survive. Those, together with simple way to live pushed human race to the point where we are now.

Use it then. And forget about all the world, make you happy. Even if your happiness will be just one inch wide and 30 meters long...

piątek, 13 lutego 2015


   But what happens if there is nothing more. Nothing pushing, pulling, holding you down or throwing up. When there is nothing more to feel, no cold to freeze and nothing hot to burn. No sparks, no light in the darkness and shadows during sunny days. When the colours are gone and the smells disappear. 

   All the most important for you has no value any more - what has than? 

   If even the word "empty" contains nothing to express... Can't say that something is gone if there is no point where it use to be and where it moved. It fades, not to black which doesn't exist as well as white or gray. Just fades. Like everything. Like all the things around you...

   ...where are U then. Are You still here, are you really YOU? If even your YOU fades what happens then? 

   Soul, mind, thoughts, memories or whatever what forms U. Are you really there without all those?

   Emptiness inside leads the outside to collapse. Or if U are strong and hard enough, it stays like a shell. Dry and empty. If someone rise it to the ear may still hear sound of the ocean inside. The waves and the wind telling the story. But it's just the imagination of someone who has it. The shell is empty.

wtorek, 16 grudnia 2014

Another Planet

It's logical, to visit another planet you have to move up. I knew that, but I was surprised how close it is. No rockets, space journeys with speed of light and star wars.

Rising only 3000m over the sea level I ended on Mars !

środa, 22 października 2014


For the moment when I'll dive back there. To improve, to see more, bring U better pics, but most of all to let the mind free.

Don't miss it!